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Sports management software

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Affinety provides real-time eligibility alerts and reduces headaches associated with gathering student emergency card data, collecting payments, league questionnaire and other registration forms.  Use our Data Bridge technology and sync with your Student Information System (SIS) and further reduce parent registration time. Don't guess about eligibility, know for sure!

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Administrator Benefits

Sports management software

Need a better approach to managing your students' eligibility to participate,  reduce handling mounds of paperwork/forms and easily collect and track payments? 

Sports management software

Your coaches deserve real-time information regarding their team.

Sports management software

 Do you want to make it easier for parents to manage their student's activity history online, and make online registration and payments?

Sports management software

Need help getting rosters out to coaches in a timely fashion and providing them better visibility into which students are eligible to participate?

Sports management software

We can help you in other areas besides activity registration.  You can process orders and payments for spirit wear, activity passes, fan bus tickets, fines etc.   You get the idea. 

Sports management software

Our customers like our solutions and here’s why


Our Sports Management Software Services


The registration process can be difficult and confusing due to the amount of paperwork and eligibility needs. We make it simple by setting you up with a system to help make the paperwork easy. 

Sports management software


Bringing money in for school activities and sports can be a handful. Online payments are easy and fast and will have your child participating as soon as possible. We help make those online payments happen. 

Sports management software


There can be many factors for eligibility in sports that can lead to confusion, delays and even leading to your child being unable to participate. With our technology, we make it easy to find out if your student is ready for the field. 

Sports management software

Are Your Athletes Clear to Participate?

There can be many requirements or forms necessary for students to be able to take part in a team sport at school. Don't guess if your athletes are ready to participate, know.

Seamless Suite of Activity Web-Based Solutions

Your parents and students get an intuitive and easy-to-navigate Web site, eliminating confusing advertising pop-ups to external sites that don’t maintain your school's appearance or brand.  Select a software system that meets your needs- a professionally designed website, superior registration, and enrollment, with the option to add an Online Merchandise Store to better facilitate payments for fees, school apparel, sports and event tickets, fan bus, etc.

Sports management software

Easy for Parents

Are parents calling your administrative staff instead of finding the information on their own? Not the case with Affinety. We provide an interactive progress status bar and a parent support hotline for login assistance.
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We can help you with your educational technology

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What is the purpose of sports management software in a school system?


The management of sports teams within school systems is a complicated process that requires careful planning. With multiple types of information to track about each player, administrators and coaches can be easily overwhelmed. Additionally, without a proper place to store each player’s information, it can be mishandled or lost. It is important to have a secure place to organize and store each player’s registration form, contact information, and eligibility status. Sports management software can make it easier to ensure your administrators and coaches are up to date on every player’s information and current status. Another type of information that can be tracked with sports management software is payments. Any information related to payments needs to be tracked carefully and kept safe. This is a lot for any school system to handle on their own, which is why effective sports management software is so important.


Why do school systems need sports management software for scheduling?


In addition to keeping information organized and secure, sports management software is an excellent tool for school systems to use for scheduling. The best sports scheduling software will ensure you can keep all of your scheduling information in one place that is easy to access and user-friendly. Sports programs within your school system will require a great deal of scheduling. You need to be able to manage each schedule in real time to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. For example, sports scheduling software is a highly effective tool for managing practice schedules for your teams. When you have more than one team at your school that needs practice time, it is imperative that you avoid overbooking your fields or courts. This is especially true when you have both boys’ and girls’ teams for each sport. You can also use sports management software to track home and away game schedules for each of your teams. Effective, accessible software will ensure that all of your coaches, players, parents, and administrators are always aware of every student’s schedule. As you can see, there are a lot of scheduling details for school systems to keep track of, and the best way to make sure everything is well organized and up to date is by choosing the right sports management software.


What are the benefits to administrators of using effective sports management software?


Implementing the right sports management software will provide specific benefits to administrators in school systems. The administrators are responsible for not only keeping track of all the information related to the school’s sports teams, but they are also in charge of keeping the information organized and secure. These become much easier tasks with the right sports team management software. The school’s administrators need to know which students are participating in which team sports, whether or not they are eligible to play academically, and if they have submitted the correct documentation, such as registration forms and medical documents, to be eligible to play. Additionally, administrators need to track payment information for every student, which definitely requires secure sports team management software. Finally, administrators need to know which areas of the school are being used for teams to practice or for games to be held at all times to ensure nothing is double booked. When a school has multiple sports teams for both boys and girls, this is a lot of information to track and save, and the right sports management software is invaluable for administrators.


What are the benefits to coaches to using effective sports management software?


The coaches of sports teams need to keep track of each and every player on their team using team management software. Coaches need to be up to date on each player’s eligibility to play. Eligibility can be affected by academic performance, health assessments, injuries, incomplete registration requirements, and missing payments. Additionally, coaches need to know where and when their team is practicing, as well as the schedule for home and away games. Effective team management software will also give coaches the ability to easily find contact information for each of their player’s parents or guardians. A coach may need to contact a parent to inquire about missing registration information or to discuss a potential issue related to eligibility or performance. 


How does sports management software help the parents and guardians of student athletes?


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing sports registration software is how user-friendly it will be for parents and guardians. Through the sports management software you choose for your school system, parents should be able to easily view their child’s eligibility to play and what additional information may be needed, such as registration forms, medical documentation, or payments. Parents will use the sports management software to register their children for the sport, upload documents, and make payments. When a school system uses an external sports registration software, parents may have to deal with annoyances like site redirects and pop-ups. Not only will this slow down or possibly impede the registration process, but it also reflects poorly on your school. Instead, choose a sports management software that integrates seamlessly with your school’s existing system.


What else can sports management software be used for within a school system?


There are a lot of additional benefits to choosing a user-friendly and accessible sports management software for your school. For example, sports management software will significantly cut down on or completely eliminate the need to keep paper records, freeing up storage space and streamlining your school’s record-keeping capabilities. By going digital, sports management software significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to enter information, track it, and access it. This will free up everyone’s time to focus on what matters most – your students and the programs that serve them. When you choose a sports management software that integrates with your school’s existing system, there are a wide variety of specific benefits. For instance, you can use the sports management software to raise money for your school’s teams or athletic departments or to sell school apparel. Additionally, the right software will allow you to sell tickets to games and other types of activity passes all in one place.

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